MTC Logistics



With the expansion of the Panama Canal, MTC Logistics needed to be ready to support the expanding demands for refrigerated cargo in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Additionally, because the Port of Baltimore is one of only two ports on the East Coast able to accept the newly defined Panamax vessels, MTC needed to be ready for the additional business.  To get their new facilities designed and built, MTC Leaders depended on ARCO Design/Build.


The Projects: 

ARCO designed and constructed a new USDA [certified] facility for MTC that exceed 9 million cubic feet and offers approximately 32,000 racked pallet positions.  The facility was constructed in two phases:  Phase I included 4 million cubic feet and 17,000 specialized rack positions;  and Phase II of the facility included 5 million cubic feet of temperature controlled space complete with over 15,000 specialized rack positions.

The distribution center includes 19 truck doors, refrigerated cold dock, blast-freezing, import/export service, -20 to 38 F storage, repackaging and USDA import meat inspection services. The center’s other features include LTL pool consolidation, port drayage, rail service, U.S. Department of Commerce inspection services and an authorized Walmart consolidation program.

The project supports MTC’s ability to integrate international and domestic services and supports their ability to provide seamless temperature-controlled supply chain solutions for their customers. The facility earned a certification through the British Retail Consortium (BRC) under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The BRC certification is validation of the highest quality food safety standards, and is a requirement of a growing number of retail and food service companies in North America.


Because MTC Logistics specializes in temperature-controlled logistics, which includes storage, energy is a major factor in its operational cost. “Any increases to energy cost is certainly a concern and so we installed 100,000 square feet of solar panels on the Port of Baltimore facility roof,” according to President Brooks Royster. “We can now mitigate spikes in energy costs.” The company uses this method to generate energy, which helps power the facility.

  • Phase I
    • 150,000 SF public refrigerated warehouse
    • 85,000 SF of -20° convertible freezers
    • 26,000 SF of 35° cold truck dock
    • 14,000 SF of -20° convertible rail docks
    • -40° blast freezer cells Mezzanine office area
  • Phase II Expansion:
    • 130,000 SF public refrigerated warehouse expansion
    • 102,000 SF of –10 storage
    • 24,000 SF of refrigerated dock
    • 16 dock positions
    • 15,700 pallet positions
    • Exterior refrigerated trailer outlets


MTC Logistics is a fifth-generation family business which started in 1928 to provide cold storage lockers to merchants.