Albert’s Organics


ARCO employed an innovative front-end engineering model early in the building program to provide project concept costs and options. With a wealth of data from past projects, and a depth of experience in Industrial, cold storage and food distribution facility construction, the ARCO Team was able to provide conceptual design and cost information to the team. To ensure an efficient and effective process, ARCO worked closely with Alberts to develop a variety of layouts for pick sequence, cold chambers, dry storage and Banana Ripening Rooms.

ARCO provided planning, design, construction and commissioning service for this SQF Level- 2 facility. The 70,000 square-foot building includes precast construction for the office and dry storage areas for aesthetic and durability properties; and Insulated Metal Panels for the Refrigerated Storage areas for efficiency. Details include:

  • 50,000 SF of Refrigerated Warehouse
    Five (5) Banana Ripening Rooms
    15,000 SF of Office (7,500 SF per floor)
    15 Dock Positions
    500 kW Backups Diesel Generator
    25,000 Expansion Pad